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On April 1st 2024, ASF's On Demand Monthly Processing Quota (1,000 jobs per month) was replaced by a new credit system. You are now given an allotment of 10,000 credits per month, and each type of job costs a different number of credits to process. Notably, you can now run up to 10,000 Burst InSAR jobs per month — a 10x increase!

This change affects all ASF On Demand users, whether you are accessing our service via Vertex, the HyP3 SDK, or the HyP3 API.

If this change adversely impacts your current workflows, or doesn't meet your needs, please let us know!

On Demand users are given an allotment of 10,000 credits per month to use for processing jobs, and each type of job costs a different number of credits, as shown in the Credit Cost Table.

The "Maximum Jobs Per Month" column displays the maximum number of jobs that you would be able to run in a single month if you spent your entire monthly credit allotment on jobs of that particular type.

Credit Cost Table

Job Type Cost (credits) Maximum Jobs Per Month
         80-m pixel spacing (20x4 looks) 10 1,000
         40-m pixel spacing (10x2 looks) 15 666
         30-m pixel spacing 5 2,000
         20-m pixel spacing 15 666
         10-m pixel spacing 60 166
AutoRIFT 25 400
Burst InSAR 1 10,000

The credit cost of a given job is roughly proportional to the computational resources required to process the job. Transitioning to a credit system allows us to distribute our resources more equitably. This change supports our mission of making remote-sensing data accessible, with the goal of providing valuable products to the widest breadth of users possible.

If your monthly credit allotment doesn't meet your needs, please contact us and let us know how you would like to use our service. We may be able to support increased processing, depending on your requirements. All requests will be balanced against our mission: to make remote-sensing data accessible to the community.

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