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How it Works

HyP3 is built around three core concepts: Platform, Plugins, and Products.


The HyP3 platform makes it easy for users to request processing, monitor their requests, and download processed products. The platform delegates each processing request to a plugin on the user's behalf. A deployment of the HyP3 platform can be integrated with any number of plugins.


Plugins are the workhorses of HyP3. Each plugin implements a particular processing workflow and produces a product. At their most basic level, HyP3 plugins are Docker containers that handle the entire processing workflow for a single product, including:

  • Marshaling the required input data
  • performing any needed transformations and computations on the data
  • creating the final product
  • uploading the product to an AWS S3 bucket for distribution

Plugins only need to define a simple interface (entrypoint) that HyP3 understands and is used to run the container. By encapsulating the entire workflow for generating a single product, HyP3 can arbitrarily scale to meet user need.


Products are the end result of processing, typically one or more data files. For more information about our current products, see our products page.