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Alaska Satellite Facility's Hybrid Pluggable Processing Pipeline

HyP3 is a service for processing Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery that addresses many common issues for users of SAR data:

  • Most SAR datasets require at least some processing to remove distortions before they are analysis-ready
  • SAR processing is computing-intensive
  • Software for SAR processing is complicated to use and/or prohibitively expensive
  • Producing analysis-ready SAR data has a steep learning curve that acts as a barrier to entry

HyP3 solves these problems by providing a free service where people can request SAR processing on-demand. These processing requests are picked up by automated systems, which handle the complexity of SAR processing on behalf of the user. HyP3 doesn't require users to have a lot of knowledge of SAR processing before getting started; users only need to submit the input data and set a few optional parameters if desired. With HyP3, analysis-ready products are just a few clicks away.

How it Works

HyP3 is built around three core concepts: Platform, Plugins, and Products.

The HyP3 platform makes it easy for users to request processing, monitor their requests, and download processed products. The platform delegates each processing request to a plugin on the user's behalf. A deployment of the HyP3 platform can be integrated with any number of plugins.

Plugins are the workhorses of HyP3. Each plugin implements a particular SAR processing workflow. When invoked, they marshal input data and generate an output product. Plugins are container-based and can be used independently of the platform.

Products are the end result of processing, typically one or more data files.

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