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Alaska Satellite Facility's Hybrid Pluggable Processing Pipeline

HyP3 (pronounced "hype") is a service for processing Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery that addresses many common issues for users of SAR data:

  • Most SAR datasets require at least some processing to remove distortions before they are analysis-ready
  • SAR processing is computing-intensive
  • Software for SAR processing is complicated to use and/or prohibitively expensive
  • Producing analysis-ready SAR data has a steep learning curve that acts as a barrier to entry

HyP3 solves these problems by providing a free service where people can request SAR processing on-demand. These processing requests are picked up by automated systems, which handle the complexity of SAR processing on behalf of the user. HyP3 doesn't require users to have a lot of knowledge of SAR processing before getting started; users only need to submit the input data and set a few optional parameters if desired. With HyP3, analysis-ready products are just a few clicks away.

Getting started

On Demand products processed by HyP3 can be requested quickly and easily, either by using a web interface or programmatically. These services are currently only available for Sentinel-1 datasets.

Web Access

ASF's Data Search Vertex portal provides a rich interface to explore Sentinel-1 acquisitions and find images to submit for On Demand processing. It also provides tools for selecting pairs and stacks for InSAR analysis.

Programmatic Access

Requesting and downloading On Demand products can also be done programmatically:

Public Visibility of Jobs


All jobs submitted to HyP3, whether via web access or programmatic access, are publicly visible. Anyone with access to HyP3 can potentially:

  • View your jobs and associated metadata, including job name and user ID.
  • Download any products generated by your jobs.

In particular, do not include any sensitive information in your job names.

What's New

Follow @ASFHyP3 on Twitter, or check our What's New page to keep up to date on all things HyP3!

Contact Us

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