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Product Usage Guidelines

When using this data in a publication or presentation, we ask that you include the acknowledgement provided with each product. DOIs are also provided for citation when discussing the HyP3 software or plugins.

  • For multi-file products, the acknowledgement and relevant DOIs are included in the * file.
  • For netCDF products, the acknowledgement is included in the source global attribute and the DOIs are included in the references global attribute.

To reference HyP3 in manuscripts, cite our documentation available at ASF's hyp3-docs GitHub repository:

Hogenson, K., Kristenson, H., Kennedy, J., Johnston, A., Rine, J., Logan, T., Zhu, J., Williams, F., Herrmann, J., Smale, J., & Meyer, F. (2020). Hybrid Pluggable Processing Pipeline (HyP3): A cloud-native infrastructure for generic processing of SAR data [Computer software].