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Using ASF HyP3

On Demand products processed by HyP3 can be requested quickly and easily, either by using a web interface or programmatically. These services are currently only available for Sentinel-1 datasets.

Web Access

ASF's Data Search Vertex portal provides a rich interface to explore Sentinel-1 acquisitions and find images to submit for On Demand processing. It also provides tools for selecting pairs and stacks for InSAR analysis.

Programmatic Access

Requesting and downloading On Demand products can also be done programmatically:

Public Visibility of Jobs


All jobs submitted to HyP3, whether via web access or programmatic access, are publicly visible. Anyone with access to HyP3 can potentially:

  • View your jobs and associated metadata, including job name and user ID.
  • Download any products generated by your jobs.

In particular, do not include any sensitive information in your job names.

Citing HyP3

To reference HyP3 in manuscripts, cite our documentation available at ASF's hyp3-docs GitHub repository:

Hogenson, K., Kristenson, H., Kennedy, J., Johnston, A., Rine, J., Logan, T., Zhu, J., Williams, F., Herrmann, J., Smale, J., & Meyer, F. (2020). Hybrid Pluggable Processing Pipeline (HyP3): A cloud-native infrastructure for generic processing of SAR data [Computer software].

See the Usage Guidelines section for more information on citing and/or acknowledging On Demand products.